History and Innovation

Viazzo Rice mill is deeply rooted in the territory of Vercelli when grandfather Pietro opened a small rice mill with the first license. We are in 1922 and since that moment a story of experience and innovation spans four generations of rice workers.

A high-tech processing line and a quality and food safety certified system ensure a product of excellence.

Roberto e Alice Viazzo

From that first rice mill, innovation never stopped and, after some changes in the territory, the company in the Fifties settled in Tricerro, in its current location. Built in 2006 it is still the subject of important expansions.

The management is now in the hands of Roberto and his daughter Alice.

The implant produces 6 tons of product per hour thanks to a high-tech processing line; new machineries ensure an accurate control of the quality and the hygienic-sanitary parameters, from the arrival of the goods to be milled up to the packaging of the finished product destined for wholesale market in Italy and abroad.

In oder to meet customer’s requests and to satisfy control and security requirements, Viazzo Rice mill has adopted an Integrated Managment System for Quality and Food Safety. Our company in also equipped with a Certified System of Internal Traceability.

The 2011 is the year that marked the ecological turning point of the company. Riseria Viazzo has a 92 KW photovoltaic system that produces all the energy used in the processing phases, in full respect of the environment.


In 2016, the warehouse expansion work began, which led to doubling the space available, and those for the modernization of the offices and the entire packaging line.

In 2018 and 2019 new machineries and devices were installed to double the checks at CC points in the processing and packaging of the product.


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